Honeymooning was Hokkaido.

Honeymooning was Hokkaido. I went on a train for a day rather than an airplane. Eating French cuisine on the train or passing the Seikan tunnel near the dawn. Hokkaido was June, but I guess it was a bit chilly. On Otaru and Sapporo on arrival day, Hakodate on the next day, then visited Furano and Akan Lake to enjoy nature. As expected, nature is nice in Hokkaido! It kept moving by the straight road and the extent of the area to wherever it was. I wonder if cattle and fox have also appeared normally, and the food is also rumored as tasty. It is too bad that the rice in the ryokan can not be eaten because of eating at various places. Even when my husband retired, I traveled again in Hokkaido although it was 2 nights this time. At that time Abashiri, Shiretoko, and also Akan Lake again. I might have visited a tourist spot nearby as much as possible as much as possible in less time. Mashuhoko or Kushiro Marsh ... Ah, I might have participated in the star exploration tour at night. Unfortunately it was not as much as I expected from the moonlight and the clouds. Probably I think I will go once again. Because only Hokkaido is impressed even if it goes many times.

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